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      I just did a new computer build with the DH77EB motherboard. Whenever I enter BIOS setup, I am having issues navigating the menues. When I first used it, it was acting as if my right arrow key was stuck. The menues were constantly scrolling through to the right making it very hard to select and change options. I updated the BIOS, and that issue has gone away for the most part, but when I press Enter to choose an item, it acts as if my ESC key is stuck. The menues I enter are almost immediately exited out of and takes usually 3 or more tries to keep the new menu on screen long enough to make my selection. I've also noticed the mouse cursor drifts to the right side of the screen. If I move the mouse, the cursor will then continue to drift in the last direction my mouse was moved. I have a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 5000 and Mouse 4000 that use the same USB receiver, but I've never had any issues navigating BIOS setup with any other computer I've used with these input devices. Does anyone know why the BIOS setup screen would be behaving this way?

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          Possible incompatibility with this hardware? Have you tried with a different (plain and simple) keyboard and mouse - that'd be the first thing I'd try.

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            I have the same problem with the latest version of the BIOS, i.e. 0097. Moving the mouse over a selectable item triggers teh action as if I had pressed the mouse button. When switching to Classic mode, it is very difficult to save and exit as the confirmation dialog appears momentarily and disappears as if the Esc key has been pressed immediately.


            I am using a wired keyboard and a wireless Microsoft Optical Mouse 3000 and will try with a wired mouse.

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              Well, once I replaced the wireless mouse with a wired optical mouse my problems went away. So, the moral of this story, avoid using a wireless mouse, especially the Microsoft Optical Mouse 3000, in the BIOS screens.