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    Intel 330 series SSD - Alignment necessary on XP ?


      Hello everybody,


      I've just purchased an Intel 330 series SSD for my Windows XP computer.


      The data transfer from my old mechanical Hard Drive has been completed successfully using the Intel® Data Migration Software


      But, As you know, the XP partition needs to be aligned.

      If a refer to this link, my partition is not properly aligned: Partition Starting Offset divided by 4096 is not equal to an integer.





      However, I don't know whether the alignment is really necessary on the 330 series SSD because, on the Acronis AlignTool page, we can see that this software is only suited for the 500, 510 and 520 Family SSD.


      System Requirements
      This tool should only be installed and used in systems with the following:

      – Microsoft Windows XP operating system

      – Intel® Solid-State Drive 500 Family SSD




      My question is:

      Do I really have to align my XP partition on this Intel 330 series SSD ?

      The speed seems already to be pretty good. For information, the Intel SSD toolbox is launched everyday to try to keep the SSD performance and reliability.



      Thank you very much for your answers,


      Best regards,