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    Help with fan on i5-3570k


      I just built my new rig, and my processor is working fantastic... but the included CPU fan cooler's fan is not starting up. It is moving like 1/6 a turn, then stopping, then moving 1/6 a turn, etc.......My rig is the following:


      ASUS Sabertooth Z77

      Intel i5-3570k CPU
      EVGA GTX 560 2gb GPU
      OCZ Agility 3 120gb SSD
      Kingston HyperX 16gb RAM
      OCZ 850w PSU

      Win7 Home OS

      Antec DF-85 case


      I did notice that someone with a i7-3770k is having the same problem, and they are using the same motherboard. It was working initially... but after a day it started this weird thing.