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    Help pls !  i7-3770 hd4000 display problem !


      未命名.jpgwhen i was runnning  3d mark 11           combined test  have the same problem ......after i reinstall all the driver and flash player

      and then install driver ...i go to test 3d mark 11  again..it still have problem......but i go to download a new verision 3d mark 11   1.0.3  and run it again....the problem was fixed  but  1.0.2  still have the problem......

      but  i test on this game  League of Legends  ...it still have the same problem ..

      please help me to find out what is it going on........if there is the hardware problem...i can be go to change a new one...thank you !


      is that  the  HD4000  driver have some BUG ?



      when i playing youtube...sometimes turn it to white screen  with a  !   in the middle  .....