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    Change Intel BMC/RMM Web Interface port


      Is there any way to change the web interface port for a BMC/RMM3?


      It appears it will only use standard ports 80/443 with no way I can see to change these. That's a problem for remote accessing the RMM web interface because on a typical network these ports are already used for other web services. I tried port redirecting from an external port of 9999 (made up!) to the devices IP:80 and that allows remote access to the interface, but when trying to start the remote console it fails because it tries to access <domain>:9999:80 i.e. appends the standard port to the remote port setup.


      Most web enabled devices privide the option to change the web port - is there such an option (maybe hidden and only accessible through the command line interface) on the BMC/RMM?


      Even if there is, this may still not work if viewer continues to append the port to the external domain reference - we'd end up with it still trying to access <domain>:port>:<port>. It would need to not append the port if the correct port is already specified.