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    Motherboard issue


      Hi Guys,

      This is my first day at this community .

      I have got a stange issues with my motherboard and RAM.

      i got intel dg33fb chipset,2.4ghz quad core processor and 2gb transcend RAM(800mhz).

      I planned to upgrade my RAM to 4GB.

      I purchased new 2GB ram(transcend,800mhz).

      It ran succesfully when tried individually with all 4 slots but when tried with old ram together BIOS didnt boot!!

      i tried all permutation and combination with different slots(note all slots are operational).

      Still it didnt worked.

      so I dumped the old ram and got another 2 new ram this time its of DYNET 2GB 667MHZ( 2 sticks of 2GB each).

      still the same issues.

      Both RAMS are not working together whereas they are working fine when used separately.


      Please help

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          Are the memory DIMMs according to Intels Memory page for the DG33FB ? Is the board running the latest BIOS revision (if not, go back to the working 2 DIMMs and flash the latest BIOS onto the board and try again)? Often newer memory has higher density than old and this can sometimes cause issues. You could try contacting Transcend and asking if you can source the same DIMMs as the first 2 that worked fine. It's always preferable to use identical DIMMs wherever possible.

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            I never had 2 DIMMs fully operational together.

            Earlier also I just had a single stick of 2GB DDR2 800MHZ with SPD 5-5-5 (transcend).

            In order to get my RAM upgraded ,I ordered another RAM of same config but this time it had SPD 6-6-6.

            I tried different RAM's but they all had SPD 6.

            So i dumped my OLD RAM (single stick 2GB 800MHZ transcend) and got 2 new RAM of DYNET(667MHZ ,2GB, SPD=5-5-5 each).

            So as of now I am trying to boot with this new pairs of DYNET and not transcend.

            Both thsi RAM are identical now.

            Yes my BIOS is not upgraded.I will try to get it upgraded.

            Will post back.

            Thanks a lot

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              dhiren4ever wrote:

              my BIOS is not upgraded.I will try to get it upgraded.

              Whatever you do, make sure you have a reliable setup when you do upgrade the BIOS (even if it means going back to your original single 2 GB stick for flashing purposes).


              Not sure if you clicked the link I provided in my earlier post all about what RAM is compatible with this board - if you haven't read it yet, have a good look. Let us know if you need any further help/guidance and it's important you fully read and understand how to perform the BIOS flash.

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                Do u have any step by step guide to upgrade it? I mean BIOS.

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                  All you need to know is available in the Readme.pdf available on the latest BIOS download page for your board.


                  Remember that all the drivers, other downloads and documentation/manuals etc are still available for your board on Intels website, you just have to ensure you select the 'discontinued' radio button on the support webpage to see this board show up.


                  Intel support page.jpg

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                    I upgraded my BIOS from 472 to 572 version

                    Still It's not taking up the BOTH RAM's together.

                    I again tried all combinations with RAM and SLOTS and booted thrice with each configuration then to no success.



                    However as earlier when i boot from one RAM it says..


                    "Firmware has detected decrease in  memeory,press enter to continue"


                    Is it the time to change my motherborad??

                    Coz changing RAM hasn't helped :(.

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                      I'm glad that you've updated the BIOS but why try all the memory slots? Have you read the manual for your board yet (available from the Intel website through the link I described earlier)? It'll say that you have to populate specific slots in a specific order and with specific DIMM specs/types. Have you checked that your memory is actually compatible from the link I provided earlier to the memory page for this specific board?  It's all well and good changing memory but if the new sort isn't right, that would explain things.


                      There's a great deal of info about your board available there for you to research and if it was working fine with one DIMM in it, it's very unlikely that your board is faulty. Buying a new board doesn't appear to be needed to fix this issue, getting the correct ram in the right DIMM slots is whats needed. As I'm (still) unsure if you've read the memory page yet, here are the salient points from it:


                      The board has four DIMM sockets and supports the following memory features:


                      • 1.8V (only) DDR2 SDRAM DIMMs with gold-plated contacts (no mention from you yet whether these are all 1.8 volt DIMMs)
                      • Unbuffered, single-sided, or double-sided DIMMs with the following restriction: Double-sided DIMMs with x16 organization are not supported.
                      • 8 GB maximum total system memory using DDR2 667 or DDR2 800 DIMMs
                      • Minimum total system memory: 512 MB
                      • Non-ECC DIMMs
                      • Serial Presence Detect
                      • DDR2 800 or DDR2 667 MHz SDRAM DIMMs
                      • DDR2 667 SIMMs with SPD timings of only 5-5-5 (tCL-tRCD-tRP)
                      • DDR2 800 SIMMs with SPD timings of only 5-5-5 or 6-6-6 (tCL-tRCD-tRP)


                      If you are unsure of the spec of your memory then what is the manufacturers part number for the modules (usually found in a sticker on the module - note it's NOT the number on each chip). The information you've provided so far is not detailed enough to ascertain if they're correct. Did you say to the supplier that you wanted something compatible with your specific Series 3 board?