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    Pixel Shader 2.0 Drivers


      I've been wanting to play a PC game called "League of Legends" for a while, and when I downloaded the game and tried to launch it, it said something along the lines of "Your graphic card does not support Pixel Shader 2.0" I don't think its that my computer can't handle it (its an 2004, but I've had it run plenty of games that have pixel shading like Warcraft, Command and Conquer, etc)


      So I went to the game's site and was directed here to get the drivers (this is what I was told was posssibly the problem, not having the drivers).  I came here to download the drivers, and yet whenever I try to download them and run the file to get them to work, it doesn't even open them.


      Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong? I downloaded the files to get the pixel shader 2.0 to work, but it doesn't even open like most normal documents I download do.

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          First, go to the download page for your computer/motherboard. Then, download the graphics drivers (assuming that Intel made your graphics chip). Those should work for your computer; if not, then you have a problem that goes beyond playing a game. Then, try to run LoL again and see if it works. If it still gives the same message, then you might ask the people at LoL about it (since they may have a bug in the program). The only alternative is to upgrade your graphics chip.