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    Problem with DP67BG Motherboard


      I installed the DP67BG in my chassis with an i7-2700K CPU.  Everything worked well and I was able to install Win 7, patch it and be all set.  I went to format the mass storage disks I have (using RAID 1) in my system and about a quarter of the way, it forze.  When I restarted it, the monitor will not kick on and on the LED display on the board, I get the number 37 displayed.  I do not see an error 37 in the manual.  Can anyone help me?  has anyone encountered something like this?


      Let me give more info...


      The fans (Chassis, CPU and Video card) all come on.


      There are 8 LED lights on the mobo (labeled A-H)... A being close to the back of the case.


      When I boot, LED light H blinks and goes solid green and LED G blinks green.  Monitor will not kick on.



      Thank you

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          Hello Kal,


          I understand that your system stop booting and you can see the diagnostics LED "G" blinking.


          The LED "G" is for Hard Drive Initialization this LED will flash when the hard drive activity starts. Then the LED will stay on when hard drive initialization is complete. Meaning that you may have a problem with your hard drive.


          The post code 37 is for memory test, your memory may not be initializing correctly. Make sure that your RAM memory is 1333MHz at 1.5v latency 9 to be fully compatible.