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    DP67BG revision 400 - any changes?


      I finally saw the revision 400 of DP67BG at a retailer. This revision was first announced almost one year ago and postponed many times. It should make the "alternate power led" work, among other things. The Product Change Notification also mentions changes in several components related to voltage stability.


      Does anyone has this motherboard version? Anyone can tell if something has improved, if there are still problems?


      I am interested in particular in PCI behaviour. As many users including myself have verified, PCI bus on this board has been mostly useless. I started a thread here about this some time after I bought my motherboard:



      For your information, revision number appears on a white label on the board, there is a number like this : G10491-nnn where 'nnn' is the revision number.

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          Hello rsnetto,


          I understand that you want to know the changes made to the Intel(R) Desktop Board DP67GB when the revision changed to 400.


          You can find the list of changes on the PCN 110682 - 01








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            I thought I made it clear on my first message that I had already read the Product Change Notification in the first place.


            Anyway, the document says just this:


            The printed circuit board for DP67BGB3 will be updated to improve functionality and performance.

            Updates include:

            1. The LAN circuit will have some component changes to enhance functionality.

            2. A trace within the Audio circuitry will be moved to enhance signal quality.

            3. The KC Registration label will be replaced by a silkscreen version on the PCB.

            4. Hardware support added for future processors.

            5. The alternate power LED header traces will be fixed to enable operation.

            6. The previous changes to the on board power supply circuitry for improved voltage and timing margins will be enhanced.

            (a list of components follows)


            So, it's not clear for me (or any customer) which are the impacts of the changes, specially the last item: "changes to the on board power supply circuitry for improved voltage and timing margins". Will these changes solve (or make any difference to) previous problems related here, e.g. PCI incompatibility, video card incompatibility, boot problems, USB instability and so on?



            By the way, this new forum layout is VERY unreadable! But this discussion doesn't belong here...