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    Moving 2x640GB RAID-1 to SSDs RAID-0 on Alienware M17x R2 Laptop


      Hi Folks,


      I'm considering exchanging my two internal HDs in RAID-1 to SSDs in RAID-0. The HDD is a real performance killer compared to SSDs...


      I know this sounds terribly silly, but I would hate to have to re-install the OS (Win7 64 Bit) and applications because I have so much stuff installed
      including programs which require lots and lots of configuration... .


      Any recommendations on how to achieve such a migration with as little pain as possible? Or are there no alternatives to re-installing everything anew?


      The Intel Rapid Storage Technology application on my laptop says in the Help File that this is possible. However I do not see the options to change the volume type...


      What is the best way of making this migration without a new install of OS and software?