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    dx580g based computer locking up


      running a core i7-980 3.33GHz at "stock" settings
      ram is: crucial ddr3 ballistix - 128000 cl10, 1.5v, w/xmp. running at 1066MHz 1.5125V


      with next to no load the core temp sits close to 40*C with an ambiant of 47*C, the IOH is about 54*c voltage regulator is 38*.
      the room it no more than 80*f


      i  have dropped the fan temperature settings way down(compared to how they came) but still when i run a cpu stress  test or the auto tune session it will reach up to 92*C. with all of the  fans at full speed


      heat sink still seems to dissapate heat as it get hot.


      when  the computer locks up, i loose either signal or voltage to my mouse and  keyboard the fans will idle down and the computer will just hang.  sometimes it will restart on it own and sometimes i have to make it.



      any more specifics needed?


      are these board bad from the get go?
      if  it is, would i be able to trade it in under warenty for another modle as long as the difference is made up?  (as i have dual xfx hd6870 video cards that have about 3/16 of 1/4"  space between them due to the close proximity of the pci slots.)