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    CPU Temperatures i7 Quad Core MBP


      I have an Early 2011 MacBook Pro below are the specs:


      Model Identifier: MacBookPro8,2

      Processor Name: Intel Core i7

      Processor Speed: 2.2 GHz

      Total Number of Cores: 4

      RAM: 8GB


      Using Temperature Monitor below are the temperatures under load:


      Battery Position 2: 26C

      Battery Position 3: 25C

      CPU A Proximity: 67C

      CPU A Temperature Diode: 87C

      Graphics Processor Chip 1: 59C

      Graphics Processor Temperature Diode: 70C

      Left Palm Rest: 24C

      Main Heatsink 2: 53C

      Main Heatsink 3: 48C

      Main Logic Board: 39C

      Platform Controller Hub: 51C



      I recently started rendering 1080P video and have noticed my CPU temps get exceptionally high. I have a couple questions regarding them since I don't really know what is too hot:


      1. Are any of the termperatures alarming or concerning?
      2. Obviously hot is bad and cold is better but is there a concern if my computer gets too cold?
      3. Is there a 3rd party Mac program designed to throttle or limit my processor. It currently runs around 90% to 95% while rendering. I would like to limit it around 75% or 80% to help with the temperatures.


      Any and all replies are appreciated!!