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    Intel-AMD switchble graphics UPDATE HELP?!?!?!?!?


                Okay this is too all those who can help me plz, here i go. I have a Samsung Chronos 7 laptop 15.6 in scrren with Intel i7 and switchble graphics: 1. Intel Hd Grpahics 3000 2. AMD Radeon 6490.    I wanted to play a game that used OpenGL3.1 but relaized that the only way to do that was to update my drivers becuase neither of my drivers' current build had OpenGL 3.1 support. When i try to go to the AMD website and update AMD driver it says i have Intel and my computer is not supported. Then when i go to this Intel websit it says i have the AMD driver and my coputer is not supported. Some people told me to go to Samsung website


      I TRIED! they didnt have the updates there. So now im unhappy that i have possibly wasted 40 bucks ona game that wont even run and wasting my life trying to update my computer to support newer OpenGL applications


      If you know how i can update my drivers to get OpenGL 3.1 support or know an external installation to update my OpenGL on my 2 drivers PLZ PLZ PLZ reply!


      I hope i can fix this big problem