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    Unexpected installation behavior: Intel Chipset Device Software,


      Intel's instructions for upgrading to the latest Intel Chipset Software using the have-disk installation instructions does not update all drivers.  My Lenovo T61 laptop had Windows 7 RTM installed, and INF Update Utility was F6ed during the install.  Windows 7 was then updated to SP1.  This week I attempted to install the most recent version,  Running Setup did not appear to update the drivers, and instead lead to a slower feeling system.  Intel's instructions posted under Do I need to upgrade to the latest version? indicates have-disk install, not Setup, is the proper way to update chipset drivers.  The have-disk installation instructions imply updating any system device, Intel or not, will update all Intel device drivers; this is incorrect.  I had to manually update the drivers for every single Intel device listed under Device Manager, as well as Intel devices listed under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.


      Intel's installation instructions for its Intel Chipset Device Software appears to be in error on two points.  First, Setup should only be used on a virgin system install, and this is not explicitly stated.  Second, updating of existing Intel chipset drivers requires the tedious exercise of drilling down to any Intel-listed device under BOTH System Devices AND IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers,  and then directing Windows to the folder with extracted driver for EVERY Intel-listed device, not just one.


      Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility  Do I need to upgrade to the latest version?: http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/inf/sb/cs-009278.htm


      Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility  Have-disk installation instructions: http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/inf/sb/CS-009272.htm