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    DH61AG broken by 0039 BIOS (also by 0037)


      I've got a DH61AG motherboard coupled with an Intel G620 CPU right now.  In the hopes of getting an Ivy Bridge cpu, I followed http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/6series_update_flowchart7.pdf and determined from the flow chart that while my board was not 22nm ready, it was 22nm capable.  My board's AA number is G23736-500, which according to page 3 of the PDF, all versions are "capable".


      So I went on my happy way, following everything to a T in the document, and got up to 0039 BIOS, confirmed the updated BIOS flashed correctly, including updating the ME firmware.  All good.  Right?


      No.  I proceeded into the rest of the BIOS screens as I always do, and noticed that my CPU voltage readout was reporting 0.00V for everything!  But how is this possible, computer is on and running.  Occasionally the voltages will jump to where they should be (+12, +5, etc., depending on the individual reading) but then jump back to 0.00.  Also noticed that my fan RPM outputs are reporting -16,000 RPMs to +4500 RPMs.  Not possible!  The fans are in fact spinning as they normally would back on BIOS 0033 (the last BIOS that successfully worked on my DH61AG).


      Since I at this point knew the BIOS was messed up (not as a result of flashing more than likely, as I had flashed a few times, F7, recovery method, and all reported 100% success), I booted into Windows 7.  Tried to hit my remote control's Green Button to launch media center, only to find out that the BIOS has also broken CIR support.


      Now I have contacted Inteset (maker of the CIR hardware) and they got in contact with Intel and Intel confirmed the BIOS did break this, and a fix is coming.  But when?  At this point, the computer is mostly uesless in my opinion (I dont really want to sit 15 feet away with a keyboard and several USB extension cords) to watch TV.


      Also, I have new shiny Ivy Bridge CPU here waiting to go into the machine, but no way am I installing it at this point, because I dont want this messed up BIOS to possibly screw with the CPU somehow (push wrong voltages, etc).  If the G620 fries, I am not out many dollars, not the case with the new CPU.


      I guess I would like to know, what kind of time frame can I expect to get some support on this issue.  I have an open case number with Intel, #8000439950, and I was told I would be contacted for more information (this from the tech chat I had yesterday).  I figured this would be a relatively quick process, but no contact has been made yet.


      I can not even find a location on your support site to enter my case number to check its status. 


      I guess I would really like some sort of communication from someone at Intel that might have some ANSWERS.  I dont think I am asking for too much, I just want some flow of information.  Am I looking at weeks/months for a fix?  If so, I need to find alternative means to control my HTPC.  Has the BIOS permanently broken my board?  Its not looking good right now, and since BIOS 0039 changes the way BIOS are stored in the EEPROM, I cannot flash back to old BIOS that did work (genius move!).  Maybe you could repackage the old WORKING BIOS into the new structure so that they can be used?


      Hoping for some sort of contact.




      Kirby Baker