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    DQ67SW - SATA password and RAID



        I am trying to complete a research before a purchase decision. I have run into a possible problem with the DQ67SW board. I would like to configure it with an Intel 320 series SSD on SATA port 0 (the only port supporting SATA password) to enable full drive encryption on it. This is going to be my system drive. Then I would like to connect 3 standard HDD drives to SATA ports 1-3 and configure them in RAID 5. This is going to be my data drive and the encryption on it should be done in software either via Windows 7 BitLocker or TrueCrypt. That is the setup.

        However, the Technical Product Specification for DQ67SW (http://downloadmirror.intel.com/19707/eng/DQ67SW_TechProdSpec.pdf) (page 70) states that when PCH RAID is enabled, the SATA password functionality is disabled:


      Hard Disk Drive Password Security is not supported in PCH RAID mode. Secured hard
      disk drives attached to the system when the system is in PCH RAID mode will not be
      accessible due to the disabling of BIOS Hard Disk Drive Password support."


        I would like to ask an Intel engineer knowledgeable about this topic, whether my suggested setup is impossible with this desktop board or not. Is there any way around this? This all seems to be a bad design. I think that the logical design would be to disable the SATA password feature only if the RAID includes the SATA port 0 drive. If I want to use the SATA password feature, do I really have to buy an add-in RAID controller card? I find that to be a bit dumb. Please help.

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          Hello Jouda,


          I understand that you want to use Hard Disk Drive Password support when using RAID on the Intel(R) Desktop Board DQ67SW.


          You found a limitation on the SATA controller for this motherboard, the problem is that the option will not work when having the system on RAID mode, it will not matter if you use or not the SATA port 0.


          Unfortunately  this is a limitation but I will send your feedback up for future motherboard releases.





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            Thank you Victor for a great answer. I would like to ask you one additional though. Do you think that this feature, meaning enabled SATA password with active RAID, could still get into the upcoming Q77 chipset motherboards?