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    Intel X79 i7 LGA2011 Sandy Bridge Processor is identifying SSD 3 Drives as SCSI


      i just purchased a new shuttle with a Sandy Bridge E 4/3 GHz (3.8 GhzTurbo LGA 2011 processor in a model SX79R5 that i have installed two different SSD 3 cards.


      Corsair Force 3 240 GB

      Corsair Force GT 240 GB


      and running windows 7 professional and both drives are being ID as SCSI drives and neither can be ID as SSD drives when i try to do any Firmware Updates


      i just down loaded the latest drives on Intel support site and they are the same as which were provided by shuttle for my setup and install


      the corsair web site has posted that there are problems with this and the Sandy Bridge Chip set


      anyone know a fix for this problem