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    3 beeps and unnormal fan RPM on S5520HC




      on my company wo bought a Intel S5520HC mainboard for a new server.


      [hardware listing at the end of my post]


      I installed the CPU´s, RAM, Raid cards, NIC and all the other stuff, but I got 2 serious problems...


      First thing: There´s always a beep code everytime I boot at first the normal beep but then 3 short beeps, that indicates a

      memory fault as i read, but i cant find an error. I almost tried every module configuration but the beep code remains the same..


      As I installed Windows 2008 R2 Server I recognized, that the system is really unstable, sometimes I don´t even get to the desktop

      or it doesn´t shut down correctly. And even when I enter Windows, it freezes sometimes during the use for 1 second...


      I don´t know what to do know...


      Second: I tried to install a newer BIOS, as I thought that would fix my error...but it didn´t, now there´s another problem.


      I updated through the EFI shell and when I was prompted to enter FRUS and that stuff I made [maybe?] a mistake. Now

      all the fans are in power mode, means, they operate at full RPM, that wasn´t before the update.


      Hardware: Intel S5520HC mainboard, 2x Intel Xeon E5606, 6x 8GB Kingston Reg ECC Dimm 1333Mhz 1,5V, 2 Adaptec RAID cards


      Maybe someone knows that error?


      Thanks a lot in advance.


      Best regards




      Okay, I discovered, that the 3 beeps were coming from the USB initialization. So that one is solved now. But I still got that lacky performance...the system has still theese mini-freezes every 5 seconds and I just don´t know where they´re coming from...


      help please..

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          For the loud fan issue, re-run the FRU.  If the fans are still loud after that, check the System Event Log (SEL) - it will tell you if you accidentally have a fan plugged into the wrong header.


          For the pauses in Windows, try updating your network card driver.  That pause is caused by some background task, and that's one of the more common ones.

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            Okay, just installed Windows 2008R2 SP1 once again and the system even freezes during the installation....just before the first reboot..and then again where Windows prepares for the first start. Sorry, but this can´t be a normal behaviour...



            Okay, you were right, installing the NIC drivers helped a lot, the machine doesn´t freeze anymore.


            But, another thing, why does Windows show me 48GB of RAM installed but only 32 usable?


            Thanks a lot