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    Drivers update for ''Intel HD Graph.. 3000'' (Dell N5110)


      hi there,


      i have a Dell N5110 with the intel HD graphic 3000, and i want to play some games that uses OpenGL (RAGE)

      but my problem is i think my graphic driver does not support the OpenGL version the game require...

      the second problem is, the graphic driver for the HD 3000 that Dell post on his update site is practically 1 year-old...


      i've tryed to update it by myself.. no result, i've call the technical support of Dell... still no result (the guy just apear to know less than me about computer)


      when i try to update it with the update that intel post on his site, it says that this version of the driver has not been validated for this computer.

      and as i just say, the dell's lastest driver was ou last year...


      so is there anyway to install in anyway the Intel's lastest driver ?


      Or how can a make RAGE work on my computer?


      PS: RAGE crash and tell me this :  Failed to compile render prog feedbackresolve from feedbackresolve


      Thanks for your upcoming help !