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    Intel® Desktop Board DZ77BH-55K does not accept ATA password if I need to press shift


      Good evening,


      I recently purchased this motherboard and have updated it to the latest 0070 BIOS.  I purchased a 120GB Intel 520 SSD at the time as well, and paired it with a brand new ivy bridge i5-3570K.  Currently using the onboard graphics temporarily, as well as 2x4GB sticks Corsair Vengence DDRIII-1600.  As I valued reliability and security over the best possible peformance for my money, I felt it approperiate to spend the extra money to get my main components made by a single vendor with a better track record for reliability and lack of problems than the competition


      Once I placed an encrypted drive in the computer, I was not able to unlock it if I needed to press the shift key while typing in my password at the "Enter Hard Disk Drive Password.  I have uploaded a vi deo below.  Any time when I press shift, my computer emits a loud beep and I have tried multiple keyboards.