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    raidcfg drive designations


      I have a problem where I'm using a supermicro server with Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V. There's no GUI so I'm using the Intel command line interface in order to get some idea of what my raid-5 system is up to. One of the drives and has failed and I've replaced it. When using the raidcfg utility, it exhibited a strange behavior where it said the system was rebuilding, but the percentage increments went really quick. Like rebuilding a six-drive raid-5 array in about ten minutes.


      On closer inspection, the output of raidcfg /st shows that the failed drive (drive 0) is marked as a non-raid drive. It's not being utilized at all. I was able to set this drive as a spare via raidcfg /spare:0 and this changed the designation from a non-member drive to a spare disk. Great. But I don't think that this should be exactly what it needs to be.


      How do I change the designation to a member disk and force a rebuild?