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    HD4000 / i7-3770 major problems - help!


      I upgraded my system over the weekend (spec below) and unfortunately I'm having in incredibly frustrating experience.  Me - I've been doing Windows kernel development for 14 years, pretty technical.


      I'm having two major problems - to summarize:


      1.  Installing the intel graphics drivers ( dated 3/23/12) causes very long logon times (minutes) and logon failures, sometime with popups about timeouts.  Uninstalling the drivers from safe mode immediately resolves the problem.  It basically sits at the "please wait" with the spinning blue circle for a long time, then eventually something times out and it moves on, which may or may not result in a popup or failed logon (e.g blank desktop colored screen).


      2.  I cannot get the system to function properly with an NVidia GTS450 card in the PCIe slot.  It ends up as code 43 after installing the intel drivers.  The long story on this one is below the system spec below.  This card was working fine for > 1 year in my previous motherboard.  Realize this could be any one of NVidia / Intel / Gigabyte problem, but I'm stumped at this point.


      Help ?!





      System spec  (GTS450, PSU and Drives carried from previous system, everything else is new).


      • i7 3770 CPU
      • Gigabyte Z77-D3H mainboard
        • Intel Z77 chipset
        • UEFI BIOS (latest version flashed) but OS(s) installed as non-EFI (BIOS supports compat).
        • Virtualization support disabled in BIOS
        • Optimized defaults, no O/C going on here.
      • Zotac NVidia GTS 450 1GB  (ZT-40503-10L)
        • Latest driver from NVIDIA website (296.10, and also tried BETA 301.24)
      • 16GB DDR3 1600 (4x4)
      • 485W Enermax PSU
      • Windows 7 x64 SP1 (carried from previous configuration)
      • Also have a parallel clean install of Windows 7 x64 SP1, having the same issues.
      • Latest drivers for everything etc.


      NVidia interop symptoms:


      • The display attached to the GTS 450 works fine in the BIOS, and during boot (windows logo)
      • As soon as the OS proper starts (should be the logon screen) the monitor goes blank/standby, and remote desktop-ing in reveals a "Code 43" against the NVidia card
      • Right now I’m limping along with the Intel integrated graphics set to primary in the bios (connected to second display), and still see the Code 43 on the GTS 450.
      • Disabling / enabling the device it will immediately go to code 43.
      • It had worked intermittently (sometimes OS would come up with it, sometimes blank screen). 
        • Somewhere along the way that stopped and now it's code 43 all the time.
        • It was certainly working in "VGA" mode before I reinstalled the drivers, although that might have been a brief Win8 attempt (sorry, it’s all blurred together now).
      • Event log is showing a warning that “custom DLLs loaded into every process”…. NVINITX.DLL – could this cause a problem with Intel drivers?
        • Other than that, nothing interesting
      • Can't send DXDIAG output since the card isn't functioning


      Troubleshooting tried (no help):


      • Disabling the Intel integrated graphics in the BIOS
      • Changing the BIOS graphics init order between AUTO, Integrated, and PCIe
      • Explicitly setting the slot to PCIe GEN2
      • Both display outputs on the NVidia card
      • Parallel clean install of Windows 7 x64 SP1
        • Running with Intel Integrated GPU selected primary in BIOS
        • No Intel GPU drivers installed
        • Prior to install of NVIDIA driver, device showed CODE 10
        • After installing drivers, no code 10/43, but the monitor remains on standby and I cannot get it to show up in display settings
        • Running the NV CPL throws an error “no supported NV card installed” ?!
        • Then installed Intel GPU drivers, and after that the NVidia device shows Code 43 like the other OS install (long delay at logon)
        • Inexplicably after another boot with PCIe set primary (and no display), reselected IGFX primary, and both displays came up?!! 
          • Booting to the “old” OS they were both working as well
          • Hung at logon, suspect Intel drivers
          • Safe mode, uninstall intel GPU drivers
          • Fixes logon time, VGA mode, NVidia device still no code, but not working, and NV CPL reports no device…..?!!
        • Boot back to the “clean” OS, and the NV display is inactive again ?!
        • Long logon (some service IPC timeout), probably Intel drivers….?   Removing them fixes logon, but no NV display anymore.
        • 2AM again, I give up!
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          Did you test to see what happens if you completely remove the add-in PCI Express* video card from the system and only use the Intel® HD Graphics 4000? If so, do you see the same behavior using the generic driver on our site and alternatively testing with the latest customized driver provided directly from your motherboard manufacturer.


          The generic driver may not work the same as the customized driver. Each Original Equipment Manufacturer and motherboard manufacturer provides their own set of customized driver that are validated and tested for the systems they sell, this is done to provide support to the changes that they could have done to the features on the video controller.


          In the other hand, if you would like to use the Intel® HD Graphics 4000 along with the Nvidia video card simultaneously, you would need to take advantage of a feature called, switchable graphics, which is only implemented and support by your motherboard manufacturer directly. Our generic drivers do not support the usage of this feature, therefore this configuration should work using our drivers (possible reason why the add-in card is showing conflicts on Device Manager and the long boot times). So, if this is the case, you need to refer to your computer manufacturer directly to obtain a special driver to use this configuration and check with them if you need further assistance.

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            Thanks for responding.


            So to make sure I understand, I cannot use a PCIe Video card + the i7 HD4000, even driving separate displays?


            I did try disabling the integrated graphics in the BIOS - the NVidia card was still code 43.

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              If you would like to use the PCI Express* video card and the Intel® HD Graphics 4000 you need to contact your motherboard manufacturer for assistance since that is feature that is validated, tested and supported by them.


              If still there are issues with the video card, not using the integrated display at all (by disabling it) then you need to check with your video card manufacturer.