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    SCCM OOBM Console Connection problems AMT Version 5.0.1



      Hi Expert


      I am in the process of provisioning AMT version 5.0.1 clients in my current SCCM SP1 infrastructure. I currently have other clients running AMT Verion 3.2.1

      and everything seems to be running fine. I am able to remote power off and power on and i am also able to connect to the client using the OOBM management console successfully.

      Now the problem i am having with version 5.0.1 clients is that have managed to succesfully provision the client in SCCM automatically. I am also able to remote power off and on the client

      from with in SCCM. However if i try to connect to the client using the OOBM management console from the SCCM console i first get the System:Busy follwed by System:Connecting followed by System:Disconnected

      If i look in the OOBM console log file i get the following error "GetAMTPowerState fail with result:0x80070035" Now i have done allot of reading on the intel expert site around the problem and i have tried all the solutions from checking the certificates checking the machine computer account in AD is created etc etc.

      I am thinking with this being a newer version of AMT ie: 5.0.1 the bios ha changed a little and it is probably a setting which i missed in the BIOS.

      Below are what settings i currently have set in the Intel AMT bios.


      Machine Type: Dell Optiplex 960

      ME Configuration

      1. ME State Control = Enabled

      2. ME Firmware Update=Always Open

      3. ME feature Control: Intel AMT

      4. ME Power Control= Desktop:On in S0, ME Wake in S3, S4-5

      AMT Configuration

      1. Hostname:hpw-delloobm

      2. DHCP Enabled

      3. Provioining Mode = PKI

      4. SOL/IDE: Username & Password=Enabled SOL=Enabled IDE=Enabled

      5. Password Policy=Anytime

      6. Firmware Updates= Enabled

      7. Set PRC: Nothing configured

      8. Idle Time Out = 1


      Now with regards to the OOBM component configuration I have my MEBX Account set to admin with the same password used as the password i setup in the AMT Bios. I have my Web Server Certificate set also and works fine. My AMT Settings have 2 accounts set. The domain administrator Account which i am using to connect to AMT Clients as well as a AMT Web account. Both accounts have full functionality enabled. all tick boxes on the AMT tab have been selected expcept for Enable Support for Intel WS-MAN Translator. The WS-MAN Translator has been installed on the SCCM Server and is running fine. Under the Provisioning Settings i have one account called admin with the same password set as in the AMT Bios of clients. I assume all this is working fine as i can connect to AMT Version 3.2.1 clients just not the AMT 5.0.1 clients.

      Now on the clients side i am able to connect to the web interface using https://delloobm.bcxhow.lcl:16993 and successfully get taken to the front page where i am presented with the logon button. This means that my certificates are fine they have been created using the FQDM. Now when i click the logon button i get prompted for user name and password to which i use the accounts configured in the OOBM components in SCCM which i mentioned just before IE Domain Administrator & AMTWeb but i cannot connect.


      Please Please i am desparate to get this going ASAP any help would be greatly Appritiated.


      Also let me know if you require anything from my side.


      Many Thanks

      Mark Richmond

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