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    Can't open IDU on DP55WG


      I have a DP55WG running Win 7 Pro x64, on which I can't open the Intel Desktop Utilities interface.  I've seen a few people mention comparable symptoms, but the solutions don't seem to work.


      I get no errors, everything seems to install and run properly, except that the IDU screen just never opens. Task Manager shows "iduServ.exe" and one or more copies of "intelmain.exe" running, but no window opens.


      I've upgraded the BIOS and chipset to latest versions, removed and reinstalled the IDU, nothing works.


      I half suspect that it might just be opening the window somewhere off the screen so I can't see it, but when I tell Windows to cascade windows on the desktop, nothing shows.  If I have no other windows open, it behaves like no windows are open at all, so that seems to say IDU didn't open any window at all.


      Part of the reason I want to do this is because I have a failed hard drive on the on-board array, and the BIOS utilities aren't too good at diagnosing that.


      Any ideas how to fix this?



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          I recall such a problem with certain versions of IDU (even had it myself with a DG45ID) so have you checked you are using the latest version for YOUR BOARD (available for the downlaods for your board)? Also, are you using UEFI booting? If you don't already have the latest compatible version installed, make sure you uninstall the existing version fully before installing the new one.


          [Edit: As for sorting the Hard disk drive issue, back everything up from it that you can (as the next step may end up wiping the drives contents) and run the HDD manufacturers diagnostics program on it (with Samsung HDDs that's ESTOOLS) available from their website. A 'zero fill' (which wipes the drive totally clear better than a format will ever do) has resurected several suspect drives for me over the years and at the least it'll tell you if your drive is defective. It'd also be worth double checking all the cables are correctly plugged in and in good order.]

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            What version of Intel(R) Desktop Utilities (IDU) did you attempt to use? You might want to try using the latest release (; it isn't officially supported on this board (simply because we don't do any validation on boards that are past their end-of-life date) - and it will say that the board isn't supported during its install - but it should, in theory, work since other Intel Quiet System Technology-based boards are still supported and validated...


            I am not sure whether IDU will provide you with any additional information for your particular problem. If the failed drive is actually predicting its own demise, then it's true that you will see an alert from IDU. Other than that, however, it isn't going to help you much. Have you tried using the latest version of the Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology driver package? It provides some capabilities for drive failure analysis...



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              Thanks for the coments and suggestions, guys.   I'm running the latest IDU listed for this board, which is clearly not the latest available that might work with it.  I may try that.


              Intel doesn't list any RAID management tools at all for that MOBO that I can see, just drivers, which I don't need.   Are you saying the driver package is more than just drivers, it includes management software as well?   Gee, that's intuitively obvious...


              And I'm pretty much positive I'm not running UEFI booting.


              I was hoping there was some way to access the RAID from an OS-level utility that tells me a little about its status and that of the hard drives.  Not seeing anything.   And the BIOS-level interface doesn't offer anything either.   Looks like I may be stuck pulling the error-flagged drive out and running hard drive diagnostics on it as a normal SATA drive.  BTW, I'm not seeing a SMART warning, I'm seeing the BIOS RAID setup telling me one drive has failed.   Not clear exactly what that means -- is it a RAID failure or a drive failure of some sort? 



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                The latest versions of RST include a tool that you can use to view status for and manage your arrays. After the install, click on the icon in the system tray to kick of the tool...

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                  I experienced the same problem as described above, I fix it by updating most of the Intel drivers that my system uses to the latest version. With the exception of the Chipset driver package, I used version of the Intel's software installers that were released after support for my motherboard was dropped.


                  When a motherboard is moved to the unsupported list, test are no longer ran to ensure update drivers work correctly. On one hand, untested drivers often work just fine, and sometimes even better than a previous version. But on the other hand, faulty drivers are an open invitation for the blue screen of death to stop by for a game of let's restart this reboot. ... Use at your own risk ...


                         note : I doubt that steps 1 thru 6 are necessary. to fix the problem, but I haven't test that theroy.


                  1. Forced an update of the INF     drivers to version 9.3  by running setup with the -overwrite     switch.(Intel® Chipset Device Software)
                  2. Rebooted.
                  3. Updated LAN drivers to     version 17 (Intel® PROSet)
                  4. Rebooted.
                  5. Updated the Raid drivers to     version 11.6.(Intel® RST)
                  6. Rebooted.
                  7. Uninstalled old version of     Intel® IDU.
                  8. Uninstalled old version of     Intel® SMBus driver.
                  9. Rebooted.
                  10. Installed vers  3.2.4 of     the Intel® Desktop Utilities (Which also installs a new version of the     Intel® SMBus driver).
                  11. Rebooted.



                  That was 2 weeks ago and my system has been running perfectly since then.


                  Motherboard & Bios
                  Main Board ModelDP55WG


                  Main Board VersionAAE57269-405
                  BIOS VersionKGIBX10J.86A.5936.2011.0630.2250
                  BIOS Release Date6/30/2011
                  Intel (R) Desktop UtilitiesVersion
                  Intel (R) SMBus DriverVersion

                  Intel® RST driver

                  RAID option ROM version



                  SoundDisabled - using 3rd party sound card
                  VideoDisabled - using 3rd party video card
                  Intel® Chipset Device SoftwareVersion
                  Intel® PROset 64 bit Network driversVersion
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                    Ruben Ramos

                    Hi Wallewek,


                    Since this motherboard is end of interactive support, there are not drivers that have been released. But in fact, the steps that Quual mentioned above works for your specific problem.