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    Server Board SE7525GP2 processor compability




      My name's Marcos Valter, and I'm from Portugal. (please forget my poor english)


      I recently purchase an used MotherBoard  se7525gp2, whith two processors (3.0MHz, 1MB L2, 800MHz FSB), and no memory.



      I heve been looking for some upgrades at Ebay I found two Xeon 7140M (90 us dollars whith shipping to Portugal for both processors)


      Can I use those processors in my MotherBoard?


      I also found this iten:

      Server RAM 8GB 4x 2GB PC2700R ECC Registered DDR 333MHz 184-pin 2Rx4 DIMM Memory

      but I think I can use this on my board.



      Many thanx in advance.