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    My computer crashes when installing the Intel Driver Update Utility


      My computer crashed (twice) to a blue screen when installing the Intel Driver Update Utility.  I'm wondering if this is related to my computer no longer being able to run with a core 2 duo processor. My compaq PC with a Asus P5LP-LE Leonite motherboard has a LGA 775 socket and Intel 945G chipset. It is compatible with Pentium 4 6x1, core 2 duo E4x00 and core 2 duo 6x00 processors. The PC originally came with a Pentium 4 - 641 processor, which I upgraded to an Intel core 2 duo E4700. I had no problems with this upgrade for 4 years until recently when my Windows Vista Home Premium with sp2 would not boot. Repairing and restoring Windows didn't work. A new hard drive and a different core 2 duo processor - Intel E6600 - didn't work either. I also swapped out the power supply, the video card, as well as the memory modules, all to no avail. Only when I put the P4 back in did the PC boot up normally. We had some power outages at the time, I'm wondering if something got fried.

      It would be a great help if someone can some shed light on this situation, thanks.