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    KVM switch, Intel graphics & changing screen resolution


      I have run into this again. I have this time a DG41CN motherboard with on board Intel G41 chipset X4500 graphics. I have Windows XP running with the latest and greatest G41 drivers and Windows XP updates. My KVM switch is a Cables to go 4 port with USB hub. I have two other PCs one with Windows 7 and one with Windows XP both using non-Intel stand alone PCI-x Geforce nVidia video cards. When ever I switch from the computer with the on-board Intel graphics to another PC and then back the resolution lowers to 1024 by 768. As my other computers with out Intel graphics seems to be fine, what's up with the Intel graphics not able to keep is resolution of 1680 by 1050? I have read that it could be DDC/EDID data not going through the KVM but I have no problem with the other computers and graphic cards (on-board or otherwise). As I have hinted bluntly I had this problem before with a different KVM switch and different Intel chipset for graphics. The solution was to buy a non-Intel graphics card. I think buying another graphics card is extreme and this is an Intel problem. Intel should fix it. I remember there was beta drivers back on the last strange journy to fix exactly the problem of changing of resolution. Of course those drivers did not fix anything. Then I found a "betabeta" (bb) driver which did not work either.

      I don't mean to rant and rave (yes, I do) but I do not understand why this problem keeps happening involving Intel Graphics.

      Please anybody have any clue as to why this is?

      If so I will shut up about this.

      Besides I have to go over to the HP forums to rant-- ah, I mean, to discuss a whole bag full of HP gotchas.