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    Core i7-3770 (in)compatibility with some Intel LGA1155 Motherboards?


      Does anyone know if the Core i7-3770 is supposed to work in the Intel BOXDQ67SWB3 motherboard?


      I saw that xbit-labs review of the ivy bridge cpus says they should all work in any LGA1155 socket motherboard.  So, I bought a new i7-3770 and a new BOXDQ67SWB3, but it doesn't work.  Upon powerup, absolutely nothing happens - no BIOS boot, no BIOS messages on the screen, ... nothing.  A totally blank screen.  I know that all the other components work (disk drives, graphics card, power supply, etc.) since they came from another working computer.  And, they still work after I put tham back into that computer.


      I see Intel's compatibility page for the cpu (http://processormatch.intel.com/CompDB/SearchResult.aspx?ProcNbr=i7-3770) that motherboard is not listed, but does that mean it is known not to work?


      And more importantly, is it true that the new ivy bridge cpus are definitely incompatible with some LGA1155 chipsets?  For example, the Q67?  If so, it would seem to be extremely short-sighted: istn't it natural to believe that if the cpu fits into my motherboard's socket, that it should work.

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          The link you provided indeed does not show the board as listed.

          When i look up your mainboard, it also does not list the 3770 cpu as compatible

          It only shows the 2cnd generation I7's

          Take a look for your self.


          It might be that intel just needs to bring out a bios update for you to get it working.

          But for that u need to contact intel support.

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            I chatted with Intel support, and it turns out the i7-3770 will never work with the Q67 chipset.  Here's the text of the chat:




            Hello. Thank you for using the Intel Customer Chat Support service. We are glad to be of service. How may I help




            KArla - can you tell me if the new i7-3770 processor will ever be supportred on the Q67 chipset? And specifically, will

            that processor ever work in the DQ67SW motherboard?



            Hi Bill; since the processor is already launched and no compatibility support was developed for the Q67, this

            processor will never support such chipset or motherboard.



            ok - thanks, thats all I needed to know.



            More than glad Bill have a very good day



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