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    Re: Intel DH77EB - Problem with KNC TV-Station DVB-S2 Twin Card & 23.976 hz


      Hi I encounter such a problem too. The Intel DH77EB which I just purchase cannot detect the Leadtek PxDVR3200H (PCIe x 1) TV tuner card which works perfectly fine on my previous Intel DP55WG. Can someone from Intel assist us ???




      - I try putting the TV tuner card into all the PCIe slot and all cannot work with the TV card (nothing was detected)

      - I had update to the latest EB0062.BIO

      - I put the XFI Titanium PCIe x 1 into the slot which the TV card cannot work to test and the sound card works instead.

      - I put the TV tuner card into Intel DP55WG and it works


      I suspect this DH77EB had problem with PCIe TV tuner.