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    Intel HD 4000 No Display after loading Windows 7


      I have a new build. Its a 3770k with an Asrock Fatal1ty Professional and 16Gb of Mushkin memory.



      The computer has been working great all week. Then all of a sudden today after switching my display via a button on the front from VGA to DVI between my old rig and my new rig the screen no longer displays on my new rig. I also have 2 keyboards on my desk and may have hit a hot key and changed something, I'm not sure.


      I have tried Windows Key + P to change to projection mode and get nothing.


      After rebooting the screen works until after the windows 7 loading icon disapears then the screen goes into power save mode.


      When booting into safemode the screen works fine.


      When changing the resolution and then booting back out of safemode the screen does not load.


      When deleting the Intel HD 4000 driver and restarting then the screen will load.


      After reinstalling the Intel HD 4000 Driver the screen nolonger loads.




      I don't know why its doing this but I am no longer able to use the HD 4000 with my intel driver installed. Which renders onboard video pretty much useless for anything but basic functions.


      I have tried deleting and reinstalling the driver and also the monitor and its driver as well.


      Nothing seems to work.


      Is there some kind of keyboard shortcut to change display ports? I'm currently on HDMI and my board has both HDMI and displayport. I have no way to test if its working with the display port. Also I am using an HDMI to DVI cable already.


      This is just really odd seeing how everything was working preffectly fine then all of a sudden, nothing just blank.

      I can hear the computer load, even the sound. I can even type and login, but I'm unable to see anything.


      Also I have tried to set onboard video as default in my bios and still nothing will load as long as the Intel HD4000 driver is installed.


      I have tried two different drivers versions, they both do the same thing.


      Any suggestions would be greatfull thanks.

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          It sounds like the driver has switched or lost track of which monitor is the default, so once it loads in Windows you lose the display.


          Try removing your display completely and booting into Windows and try and log in (blind).  Having no display connected might just get the drivers to re-evaluate what they need to do.  Try plugging in your display once Windows is logged in, it should get detected and hopefully the drivers wil switch back to it.


          If that doesn't help, try booting into safe mode, then from the start menu type msconfig, go to the Startup tab and remove the tick from the Intel Graphics application, then try rebooting in normal mode and see if it is okay now.  If it is okay it will at least be running with the correct drivers and not in safe mode anymore, but you have lost the Intel utility to change settings, probably no bad thing.


          The problem you have with uninstalling and reinstalling the HD driver is during uninstall it isn't clearing its settings, so once the driver goes back on, it picks up the same settings which results in it failing to send the video to your monitor.


          If you are comfortable in doing so, uninstall the HD driver then browse the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software and see if you can find any entries for the Intel graphics, if yes rename the key (you could delete but renaming gives you the option of putting it back as it was).  Also look in HKEY_LOCAL_USER.  Then reinstall the driver and reboot.





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            Thanks Phil,


            Deleting the registery entries worked.


            For anyone else with this issue I removed the following entries. Then I rebooted.




            HKEY_CURRENT_User/Software/Intel/ICC/Applications/Intel Graphics Driver



            Once again, thank you.



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              That's good news.  It is something that Intel needs to address with it's driver setup program as when we uninstall something it should remove everything and not leave settings behind for just this sort of reason, as you can't easily get a clean start otherwise if something goes wrong.  I wonder how many have bitten the bullet and gone for a reformat and re-install after something similar happening with these drivers?





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                Not sure, but its done it again, and this time wiping out the registry entries are not working. Looks like I'll need to get that GTX 680 soon then later. This is a rather annoying bug.
                This time around I was using the computer. Not even moving the mouse or touching the keyboard when it happened. I was sitting on a page just reading an article. Nothing fancy, and on a legit site. All of a sudden bam, it switches off my display but sound still works. I reboot, nothing but sound. Go into safemode delete the same registry entries and restart. Nothing.
                This is a rather odd glitch. I wonder if it doesn't like my HDMI to DVI adaptor or something odd and doesn't detect a display.
                Last time I thought I might have hit a hotkey by mistake, this time not so much.
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                  I am experiencing the very same issue using DVI output with a Core i5-3570K on a ASUS motherboard. I've tried everything (different drivers, reseting, formating, other cable, other screens, BIOS update, etc.) but it always ends the same way : DVI output fails to produce a signal at high resolution (1080p) whereas it is working very nicely with low resolution screen (like 17 inches) or at high resolution but without driver installed.


                  I am not using any converter ou strange cables. Only DVI-D to DVI-D cable brand new working perfectly tested with other computers.


                  I am 99% convinced it's a bug related to Intel HD graphics driver.


                  I know it's pretty strange to use iGPU on big screens but the thing is that I don't need better graphics right now so...


                  Any help or official Intel support would be greatly appreciated (quite impossible to submit a bug through the support website)


                  Thanks everyone for reading !

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                    I also encountered this particular problem and followed the advice that phil_l gave but to no avail. Finally I decided to re-install Windows but soon afterwards the problems began again.

                    However, because it was a clean install I was able to narrow down the problem and have finally solved it (system has been stable for a few hours now)


                    1) Update your Motherboard's chipset drivers.

                    2) [And I suspect this is the real culprit] Uninstall Daemon tools (or any other virtual drive solution) It seems that the SPTD driver that it uses clashes with the Intel graphics drivers and causes the weird black screen problem.


                    Hope this help you guys!

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                      Are you refer VCD? I do have it in the build as well.

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                        Thanks for your answers to both of you!



                        My system is very clean, no other software than official drivers. Latest BIOS, latest everything, no Daemon tools orr anything else.


                        Latest beta drivers do not resolve.


                        My questionn is: do you use DVI output only like me ?



                        it looks like you encounter a different issue but still relatedto graphic driver

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                          Just to recap... when I'm rebooting I've no GUI/boot up/BIOS info until it hits Windows "Weclcome" screen.


                          I've Asus P8Z77-V Premium with W7 Ultimate x64 and 3770K here. Using HDMI, DP and Thunderbolt.


                          I just removed the VCD and anything related to the drive and I still have the same problem. Yes, my system is very clean, just installed everything last Sat. 

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                            Your feedback is important to us and we thank you for taking the time to communicate this issue.  We are aware of this situation, and our engineering group is working on this issue.  We cannot provide an estimated time for this to be solved but, all the information was already forwarded to the appropriate department.



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                              @Lee actually I use an HDMI to DVI cable as my MOBO doesn't have any other gfx output ports and my monitor only support DVI (so in a sense, I guess it's about the same)

                              I was indeed talking about VCD software, but it seems as this might only be a part of the issue as the problem reappeared late yesterday. It does seem less frequent than when I use Daemon tools though and it has yet to black screen just after the Windows loading screen.

                              It seems as if it is indeed driver related, which means that the only true solution (at least at the moment) would be to switch to an expansion card. (A bit sad, as the Intel GPU seems quite powerful)

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                                Just to make sure do you have a black screen AFTER the W7 loads? I sure don;t have that problem. My problem is BEFORE the W7 loads, from beep to W7 loads I've no GUI/boot up info at all, nothing but out of sync picture here.

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                                  Happy to hear you guys are aware of the problems and working on it. Feel free to email me the next driver if needed, I'll be very happy to help out and testing the beta for us here. Thanks again!

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