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    S5000XVN Can not boot from cd or dvd



      I've bought two SSD and one RAID controller card with Marvell chipset for my S5000XVN mainboard recently. I've just wanted to work using RAID0. I've build the RAID 0 structure using the RAID card's bios easily. And I can see the newly structured RAID 0 disk on my mainboard's bios setup also. But, I can't install the Windows 7 operating system on my computer. I am struggling with it since 2 days! When I remove the SATA3 Raid card from the mainboard , there is no problem. System can boot either from optical device or HDD. But when I put the PCI Express Raid card into the slot, I cannot even see the old harddrive plugged into classical SATA0 port, on my bootable device list on mainboards bios setup.


      I've read several articles telling about AHCI mode and SATA DVD ROM readers. Then I've tried to boot the system using a USB flash memory. But no way. I could not see the my USB   device in the bootable device list in the mainboard's bios setup. My bios is not up to date!. It is from 2007. And now, I think I am gonna try the update BIOS with the latest one. But I've no idea if it works and scaring the risks of the BIOS update.


      What should I do? Any idea?


      Best Regards.


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          Go back to a very basic system (with no cards installed) and only THEN perform the BIOS update. This sounds like a boot memory footprint issue (where there isn't enough memory left in the right 'space' to allow the bootable devices you're plugging in to work properly. Hopefully a new BIOS version (and possibly new firmware on the RAID card) will address it. You could alway try another/different optical drive or check to see if there's a firmware update for that as well.

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            If you have (U)EFI option in MB BIOS, try to disable it, it is common cause for bootable devices inaccessibility.