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    Intel server chassis mainboard compatibility




      I'm looking for a way of deducting which more modern mainboards would be compatible with an SC5400 chassis - currently that particular Chassis has a S5000PSL-Sata running in it but i was wondering whether there are more recent boards that would fit physically, use the same front panel connector and in the best case might even use the same power supply


      So whtas the best way to find out?

      - Physically i assume most boards will fit - air flow is another topic but that can be adjusted

      - Front connector - is that some sort of standard connector or an Intel specific one or even specific for this particular chassis?

      - Same for the power supply...


      Many thanks for any hints and pointers,



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          so in particular i am currently looking at a S5520UR ... Any ideas?


          Maybe any ideas who to ask? Where else to go?




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            I'm afraid the answer would be no. First of all the S5520UR board is designed for rack systems. And the layout of the new generation board is quite different from the previous one. Also the power/thermal spec of the SC5400 chassis may not meet requirement of the new boards. 

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              Hi Edward,


              thanks for your answer;


              I am running the 5400 in rack mode so thats not a problem, layout - i've seen the processors are now criscrossed with the memory boards so the airflow module probably wont fit, but that could be alleviated with additional cooling.


              I think the form factor should fit more or less, probably both eATX - my primary concern is the front panel connectivity and the power supply connection...


              Any idea whether those would work?


              Its not for production use anyway, its for my test lab...




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                Fit in the chassis - Yes -- mounting holes all lining up -- No


                Rear I/O shield.-- will not fit which causes EMI issues and leaves a nice hole for mice (the 4 legged kind) to crawl into .


                Power suppy -- cables will likley be too short for the main ATX power cable


                FP -- does not have a temp sensor which will cause fan SDR issues. -- other than that other FP functions will all work.


                The UR was designed for the 1U & 2 U rack chassis.

                The 5400 is a 6U pedistial (which can be rack mounted)


                Air Flow - If you have active heat sinks on the processors and chassis fans on full, it would likely keep the memory and Chipset cool, but it will be one noise beast.


                I have built stranger systems. Personally if i was going to try to re-used the 5400 chassis, i would use a S5500HC or SC mother board.

                Still have some issues, but it would fit better.

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                  Excellent info - thanks a lot.


                  Noise is not much of an issue, its in the cellar;)

                  But i'll take a look at the S5500's