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    HSC Firmware - S5520SC



      Time ago I haved a problem with my mother board ( http://communities.intel.com/message/151502 )


      Finally I bought a Xeon E5645 processor and the server is working, but know I have another problem, I think the fans works very strong, my problems with the fan begin when I update the bios (I believe this will solve my previous problem)

      so, after many tries I could install almost all update firmware versions, except one, it is listed like HSC Firmware


      The bios show me this information:


      BMC                    0.58

      HSC                    0.00

      ME                     1.12

      SDR Revision      0.30


      As you can see HSC is 0.00 and I dont know how to update, I downloaded the last firmware version, previos, recovery but any of this update files fix the problem,

      and I think is because this the fan are working so hard


      anyone have any suggestion to try to solve my problem?