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      Hi all! I'm trying to build my own computer and im running into some trouble, wondering if anyone out there can help me!


      I have everything connected and when i try to turn on the computer, all the fans budge then stop, and a Phase LED light blinks, and then nothing happens. I know my psu is functional, i have the corsair CX600 (Doesn't have a voltage switch, its universal), and i know my motherboard is fine cause i thought i short circuited my motherboard and got a replacement but the same thing happens. (have a Z68AP-D3 GIGABYTE motherboard). i thought its possible that i have the F_Panel connectors from my case connected to the motherboard incorrectly, but if they inccorect usually nothing happens, and when i hook them up the way the manual says to is when the fans budge. that seems like unnecessary information, but when i do it the way the manual tells me to the light next to the power button doesnt light up, but when i do it a different way it does light up, but the fans dont budge, so i'm still skeptical about wether or not they truely are connected right. I know its not my RAM and im praying its not my cpu. i dont THINK its my CPU (intel i7 2600k) cause the heaksink comes with the thermal paste so i didnt apply thermal paste incorrectly... the last thing is the fan connectors on the motherboard dont all correspond to what i have hooked up to them, due to the cord from one of my system fans can reach either receptor on the motherboard that says sys_fan. That fan is plugged into th Pwr_fan and the psu fan is connected to a sys_fan. i read online this doesnt matter, but again, this my first time and dont know what to beleive. other then the fact that the system fan wire not long enough to reach, the psu fan head has 4 pin holes and the two system, and the cpu fan all have 3. there is only one set of pins on the motherboard that has 4 pins and it is a sys_fan one. im positive all my components are in fact compatable and i am 90% sure all other hardware/wires connected properly.


      if you have any thoughts please let me know,