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    Cannot get my hd 4000 to work or display in BIOS


      Good day!


      I tryed everything I know so I am trying here to find new idea's . I have a sabertooth z77 has motherboard. I wanted to be able to use both my 7970 and intel HD 4000 for different reasons. ATM I can't see the IGPU no where. Its not avalable in the bios ( like it never existed). I tryed removing my 7970, reset bios to default, clear Cmos and I still can't boot from the HDMI board plus (witch should lunch the 4000 hd) I am using my Flatron w2353v. Here is a picture of where I should see the IGPU options bios.jpg


      It should be listed under MB PCie configuration but its not appearing. Any Idea??