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    Help! Intel Rapid Storage ICH10R/D0 RAID10 2TB Limit - Disks incompatible




      Hope someone can come to my rescue!


      Running an Alienware Aurora R2 with Intel Rapid Storage Technology ROM V.


      4 x New Seagate Barracude 2TB 7200rpm


      I wanted RAID10 for performance and redundancy, sacrificing half my storage with the theory the performance would be worth it. Not winning so far.


      Ideally I wanted 1 x 500GB Volume for OS and the rest, about 3.3TB for Data on another volume.


      To start with the boot RAID software would only let me create 2 volumes at a max of 2048GB per volume.


      I managed to create one, RAID 10 volume with 500GB, installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, installed latest Intel Rapid Storage software and created a second volume, 3.3TB, using computer manager I set the disk to GPT and I was laughing, 500GB C and a 3.3TB D. Just perfect, till I reboot and the RAID boot says the disks are incompatible and I have to start again from scratch.


      I have already rebuilt 5 times in one day trying to find a working solution. Is it a simple case of the RAID software will not read over 2048GB, and anything bigger it throws a wobbly? Can I get a firmware update for my RAID to resolve?


      Any help would be appreciated.