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    Differences between GMA 4500, X4500, and X4500HD


      Can someone point me to an Intel URL which explains the difference between the three flavors of 4-series chipset graphics: 4500, X4500, and X4500HD?  As usual for the Internet, there are lots of conflicting opinions.  I am trying to find hard performance numbers and/or which version of DirectX each supports.


      I do find it strange that out of the current Intel boards which support LGA 775, the DQ45EK with only 4500 graphics has DVI-D and DVI-I connectors, yet two with X4500 graphics have only VGA connectors (DG41RQ and DG41WV) and another (DG41TY) has X4500 graphics and VGA and DVI-D connectors.  One would have thought that a board with two flavors of DVI would also have X4500 graphics.


      The Wikipedia web page for "Intel GMA" states "But in practice the Q43 and Q45 Chipsets also use the GMA X4500" which would tend to suggest that 4500 is the same as X4500; of course, Wikipedia is sometimes wrong.  My bottom-line question: is there really any difference between 4500 and X4500 graphics?