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    Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel resets to default profile


      I have a new Samsung series7 Chronos notebook, Windows 7, I believe it is hybrid graphics with Intel HD3000 / AMD radeon HD 6490M but Im not clear on the entire definition or of the purpose of this set up.


      My problem is with the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel. I have adjusted the screen parameters as I like them, saved it as a display profile (In the Intel Control Panel list). Each time the computer goes to sleep, is restarted or comes back from stand-bye the control panel settings return to the default settings. Im guessing the default settings are designed to shine bright on a shop shelf but they are unusable in the real world. I then have to go to the control panel and re-select my display profile again.


      This is getting frustrating as I would like to do some visual editing but calibration is impossible. I have attempted contact with Samsung, Intel and AMD....now I am here in the hope that someone can please shed some light on how to handle this issue. Do I even need Intel Control Panel? Having both this and the Catalyst Control Center on the same system just confuses things for the average user like me.