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    Recovery of Smart Response Tech RAID


      I was swapping out my old SSD for a new SSD and I actually forgotten to turn off the smart caching before pulling it out.

      To make things worse, I actually went and remove the RAID array thinking that its just cache, my HDD should works fine without the SSD.

      Hoping that it will boot up and I can add the new SSD into the caching.


      But, well, everything just went wrong. The Windows 7 partition did not boot and if I use Microsoft repair, it will just take hours fixing the file system.

      I also find that I am no longer able to "recreate" or rebuild that RAID from BIOS


      I am already at my wits end... I wonder if anyone has any idea how I can recover this system.

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          Hello nemesisv,


          In order to be able to assist you, we will need additional information regarding the system configuration, the RAID level and amount of hard drives.


          At this point I assume that you had a RAID 0 with a Solid-State Drive working to accelerate the RAID. If this is the case, the information is lost, first because removing the hard drives from RAID will destroy the RAID structure and there is no way to recover it.


          If you had a RAID one, you can boot to one of the hard drives ( you may need to do a Windows* rapair as the Solid-State Drive was removed, some data may become corrupted) and then you can create a new RAID in the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology console in the operating system.