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    Will Hd 6850 run on my DH55TC motherboard?


      Over the internet i came across a person using this motherboard (DH55TC) couldn`t support hd 6850. I think that he had no graphic card previously and now he installed hd 6850 and his intel graphic were still being used and not his graphic card. I am looking to buy this graphic card so please let me know whether my motherboard will support hd 6850 card.

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          Hello Sourabh,



          I understand that you are looking for compatibility information between your Intel(R) Desktop Board DH55TC and your video card.


          In regards to your inquire, Intel(R) cannot validate that a motherboard will be fully compatible with any video card as there are may manufacturers on the market that will have their own specifications. I can confirm that the motherboard will meet all the PCI Express* 16x standards and any video card that meets them will be able to work with the motherboard. You should also contact the video card manufacturer to check if they have similar reports to the one that you found.