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    Core i7-3770K and DZ77GA


      After running multiple hours with 4 modules of 4 GB the system crashes with memory error beep code and error code 41 on the mainboard display.

      Running the system with no memory the error code changes to 20.

      Same result for DDR3 1066, 1333 and 1600.
      The system will run with 2 modules of 4GB PC1600 in the Channel B slots without any error.

      Any memory in channel A slots will cause error code 41 and memory error beep code.

      After removing and reinstalling the CPU the system will work for multiple hours again before the same error returns.

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          In this case the issue seems to be related to the processor, so if possible I would suggest testing this processor on a 2nd motherboard.

          If it causes the same behavior, then proceed to call the Intel customer support center of your location at:



          Or you can go to the following link and start a chat session for processors support:


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            I tested the setup with a Core i5-2500K and the system ran stable for more than 12 hours.

            So I exchanged the Core i7-3770K for another one, after aproximately 3 hours windows rebooted and failed. The message on the screen (from the BIOS) said the BIOS detected a failed Boot attempt and retried booting, the system would freeze up at the windows loading screen and after some time display the message again and start rebooting again. Neither a beep error nor an error code was displayed on the mainboard. After pressing the reset switch the old problem was back...

            BIOS update to the latest vers. GAZ7711H.86A.0039 was successful but brought no result

            Moving the BluRay drive from a gray port to the SATA5 port was of no use either.


            I start to wonder if board and processor have a compatibility issue.


            The setup as it is now:

            INTEL mainboard DZ77GA70K
            INTEL processor CORE i7-3770K

            Kingston KHX1600C9D3P1K2/8G

            Kingston KHX1600C9D3P1K2/8G

            SATA PORT0 Intel SSD Series 510 250GB
            SATA PORT1 Intel SSD Series 520 240GB

            before moving parts from my main PC i am using the following components from my old i7-920 and core2duo (original) E6600 backup PCs for building and testing:

            SATA PORT5 LG BluRay CH08LS10

            (BeQuiet DarkPower 650W PSU) / BeQuiet StraightPower 400W

            (EVGA Nvidia GTX260) / MSI 7600GT passiv cooling

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              Code 41 is fatal. I have had this problem on 2 boards now, the first one had a bad ram channel, and this one tonight, posts 3 beeps, code 41, and no video to the PCI slots or the on board. Since it is right out of the box, I am returning it to the seller for a new one. This 2nd board looks like they bent a processor socket pin when they installed the black plastic cover, However, the ram red light was blinking at boot with the code 41. When I pulled the ram and swapped the channels same code. Went to channel with 2 4 gig strips and got a 20 and no video. Bad Board.

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                If the motherboard has a bent processor socket pin, please return it to the place of purchase.

                If further assistance is needed, feel free to contact your local support group for assistance: http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/contact/phone