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    Need some info on one question about Intel Smart Responce Technology before I grab a mSATA SSD


      Hello, A quick question I can seem to find a straight answer for. I currently have my pc set up with a 60gb patriot SSD as my OS drive (Windows), as well as basic stuff like drivers etc. And I use a 1 tb HDD for installs, games and the like. Now my confusion comes in when I add a mSATA (I hoping to get the 313 20gb) SSD to the mSATA my Series Z68 chipset motherboard came with to cache JUST the 1 TB HDD and leave my 60 GB Patriot SSD as the boot /operating system drive? Now, Having my 1 TB HDD and the 20 GB SSD (I havent bought it yet but i have the Z68 Chipset (GA-Z68X-UD3) and need this answer before i buy it lol) set in the crazy RAID cache thing. Will I Still be able to Use my current 60 patriot SSD the way I have been with the O/S installed and booting from it? Will having my bios set to "RAID" mode mess my patriot 60 gb SSD and stopping from being bootable? My goal is to have my current 60gb SSD for the O/S and have my 1 TB data drive use the Intel 313 20gb as a cache. Basically my current set-up with the added benefit of the cache for my 1 TB HDD is this possible? Please help!>!