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    Unable to install RAID web console in Win2008R2


      I am setting up a new Intel server using an S5520HC sever board.  I have two Seagate 1Tb enterprise standard SATA hard drives configured as RAID 1 mirrored, and split into two partitions.  The OS is Win 2008R2 Standard 64bit Edition.


      The OS installed with no problem and the RAID array is showing healthy when booting at the BIOS level.


      I have downloaded the latest RAID web console from the Intel site but when I run the install, it gives an error message towards the end of the routine saying that

      The wizard was interrupted before RAID Web Console 2 v11.06.00.0300 could not be installed.

      Your system has not been modified. To complete installation at another time, please runsetup again.


      I have attempted it three times with a restart in between, but always get the same message.


      All other software so far runs with no problem