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    Intel 320 forgot ATA-Password


      Hello to everyone,

      at first I have to say "sorry" for my basic knownledge of the english language. I hope you will understand my post.


      While copying a folder on my Intel 320 SSD (120GB) my os (Windows 7) crashed. My Computer restarted but now he does not accept the choosen ATA-Password. It is really correct


      It seams that the SSD forgot the password since the crash.


      So I googled around and found...nothing really helpfully. I found much about a so called "8-MB-Bug", but when I build the SSD into another computer, it will be identified as a 120 GB Harddrive.


      This is the point, where I need help.


      Whats wrong with my SSD?

      Is there a possiblity to get access to this drive?