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    Blank BIOS ID


      So I am being plagued by the infamous Blank BIOS ID bug.  I've seen reports of others having this issue with Intel hardware across several generations, see examples here, here, here, and ever here on this very discussion board.  I have tried every version of available .bio files, and every method of flashing (Windows EF, DOS boot disk with iflash2.exe and an old version of iflash.exe, and removing the jumped for the BIOS Recovery mode.  Each version gives me the error "BIOS IDs do not match".  The only solutions I have seen posted online are A) Physically replacing my BIOS chip --not worth the time effort and risk, IMO B) Replacing the motherboard.


      My BIOS ID string is blank.  Intel uses a proprietary BIOS file, so flashing can only be done with their software.  Is there any way I can get a version of iflash which will force an update reguardless of BIOS ID?