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    x58 chipset


      I ran Intel's driver update utility and it shows a update for the chipset. My system has a Intel i7 CPU 920 2.67GHz. x58 chipset. The update found is for x58 extreme edition. Would this chipset work? Thanks.

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          What you refer as "x58 chipset" is the same as "x58 extreme edition".


          Could you please specify on what update you are trying to use?

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            Sorry about the delay in answering. I am currently dealing with a broken neck.


            This is the driver it is showing for my system. I have looked for the current version my system has now but I'm not sure about how to find it. And the driver update tool does not show what my current version is.

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              The Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility is not actually a driver. This is a tool that loads dll files for the operating system to properly name the hardware in your system. If this has been already installed, a new version is not actually required. New versions of this software is mainly to add support for new computers.


              More information on this is available on the following article:




              Get well soon.