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    difference of core and thread


      hi jusyt a newbie here in intel, i recently purchased core i3 processor how does it work?; i mean, why the specification states that  there are 2 cores and 4 threads or 2 threads for example? what technology does it involved in? Vpro?

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          Threads are (sub entity) of the cores  (tree level progenies hierarchy)
          For the operating system ,  the word  threads,  could  represented  the others signification.
          To vulgarize grossly ......
          1 System (kernel)  
          2 (drive affinity cores)
             3 forks   ( child sub core)
               4 forks   (pids or sessions)
                 5 threads (child  of pid)
          (For the kernel , Semaphores are agents driving  all tasks  with  the  rules policy)


          With all  the  operating system recent, more you have cores and threads, more results
          are better.
          also all new softwares must take in count now this evolution.

          To extend or see more concrete
          Open this link as example
          open this title section
          3.10 GOMP_CPU_AFFINITY – Bind threads to specific CPUs



          (I finish, i am interrupted  busy previously)


          Within a session  (pid or fork), the access  of affinity for programmer is:
          physical processor  when you have several elements on mother board, his specific core,
          and finally the threads.(very large number possible).


          When you have only 1 physical processor  with 2 cores it's the same process , just you have level
          2  (specific core) are moved to level 1 (as pseudo physical processor)


          It's also same with threads cores


          Example (Atom)
          Processor Number    N570
          # of Cores    2
          # of Threads    4


          You have only 1 physical processor, but for your system,the convention is simplified;
          you have four pseudo processors are accessible.