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    Acer Iconia PAU30 - WIDI Compatible? (Core-i5 but Broadcomm Wifi?)


      Hello All


      I'm hoping someone can tell me if the Acer Iconia PAU30 (dual touchscreen laptop/tablet) supports WIDI.


      Looking at the requirements it has a Core i5 480M which is supported but it has a broadcomm Wifi card which looks like it isn't compatible as it needs to be Intel Wifi. Can anyone tell me if it will work?


      I need to determine if I can use WIDI or if I need to get a WHDI dongle instead. I don't want to purchase a WIDI reciever only to find it doesn't work.


      Also if I am streaming a film over wifi could the WIDI/WHDI dongle degrade the signal or would it not as one operates on the 5Khz band?