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    Help with Heatsink Installation E97381-001 for the I7-970 (LGA 1366)


      I'm installing this Heat-Sink which I purchased when I worked with a national retailer as part of the Intel Edge program.  The small manual which claims to be ''installation instructions" provides absolutely no instructions for the heat-sink installation.  Although it's somewhat self-explanatory, I'm looking for guidance on which direction the fan on the front (or rear) of the heat-sink is supposed to point when the heat-sink is installed.  Does it make a difference?


      The miniscule manual refers me to the following address http://www.intel.com/go/integration which then tells me I have to register as a technology provider which I am no longer.  There is no english language guidance in the manual regarding the heat-sink installation, just pictures which do little to point me in a particular direction for the positioning of the fan.


      Any help is extremely appreciated.