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    RES2SV240 not showing more than 8 drives


      I have an RES2SV240 connected to an Adaptec 6805 (I also connected it to an LSI controller as well and the same behavior takes place). When I connect one enclosure (that has 2 ports) to the furthest rightmost ports on the card, it sees all drives in the single enclosure. When I add 2 connections to the next most rightmost connections (4 rightmost taken up at this point) to the other enclosure, it only shows 3 drives.


      I've ruled out it being the other enclosure by trying each one individually. I've also swapped out the 8087 cables to ensure it's not that either.


      I seem to recall there being a guide that actually showed cabling order, although I thought it was only relevant if you had 2 inbound connections, not a single one but I can't seem to find that.


      Any thoughts?